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We have the perfect storm for tech startups in Hull. 2017 City of Culture, the Siemens investment, an appetite for smart cities, unmatched connectivity & the C4DI. We need to make stuff happen.

Community Community

Founder of Hull Digital, East Yorkshire’s Tech Community, since 2009 with 530+ members, 55 events, 3 conferences and amazing people. Co-Founder of the C4DI – The Centre for Digital Innovation.

Cycling Cycling

Carbon and titanium. Lycra and chamois cream. Banter and the all important coffee. Sunday rides with friends, giving each other a good kicking on two wheels. Getting fitter as I get older. Utterly addicted.

News and thoughts

A beautiful, mesmerising film

A beautiful, mesmerising film

Posted by on May 30, 2014 in cycling | No Comments

Vimeo always comes up with some wonderful films. In particular, the editor’s choice always seems to display truly excellent films. This is no exception. Nathan Kaso has delivered one of the nicest cycling films I’ve ever seen. It combines tilt-shift filming and time-lapse to produce something truly mesmerising. Enjoy.  

Sonos and Spotify are music heaven

Sonos and Spotify are music heaven

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in gadgets, nice things | No Comments

When I say that not a huge amount impresses me these days, it sounds arrogant doesn’t it? It’s not meant to be at all. I increasingly find that you buy something, or start using something and it never quite lives up to the marketing hype. So, having purchased a Sonos Play 1 and now a […]

The new C4DI website

The new C4DI website

Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in technology | No Comments

After much agonising on copy, content and design, we have launched the new C4DI website earlier today. We wanted it to be more focused and provide a better, more simple explanation of what we do. It has a much nicer event section and a rather swish virtual tour. All feedback is very welcome…

“Where do you spend most of your life? In bed and at work. So buy a darn good mattress and make sure you love what you do.

Time is precious. Use it wisely.”

People saying nice things

Thanks :)

Lee Strafford

“I have known Jon this past couple of years and by (good) reputation for a few years prior. By establishing Hull Digital and the C4Di, he has developed an emerging tech ecosystem in the Humber area. Promoting open and positive collaboration and connecting with ecosystems outside the region.”

- Lee Strafford
Richard Tuplin

“Jon has been instrumental in founding and growing the digital community in the city over the past five years. His passion, determination, vision and expertise will ensure the digital and technology sector and the C4DI develop at a rapid pace in the future. We have the perfect storm for startup tech businesses with the City of Culture, the Siemens investment and the C4DI. The future looks very bright.”

- Richard Tuplin
Andrew Horncastle

“He is a man who wants to make a big difference and put Hull and the region strongly on the digital map. He has recognised how much local talent we have and how much value can be had by bringing that centrally together, he has instigated the regional tech debate, grasped opportunities afforded by our unique local telecoms network and gone out there and promoted the regions tech potential to Westminster and beyond.”

- Andrew Horncastle
Anita Pace

“Jon is an excellent ambassador for Hull’s digital community.  He has personally championed the growth of the digital sector through both his Hull Digital and C4Di initiatives.  His energy and enthusiasm are infectious and he is a joy to work with.”

- Anita Pace
Ken Sturdy

“If innovation is the successful application of new ideas, then digital technology is the component that fuels the innovation fire.
Our association with C4DI keeps us in touch with a vibrant, energetic group who are not only exploring new horizons in digital innovation, but who are focused on how this can be captured in a commercial environment to create opportunity, employment and wealth for the region.”

- Ken Sturdy